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The Swiss roll up for EuroPride

on Tuesday, 05 August 2008 18:24.

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Bigger and better, smarter and sharper, EuroPride goes to Zürich next year. Book your ticket, blow your alpenhorn and bring on the chocolate gnomes! 

 In 2009, Zürich will play host to the international gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride event: EuroPride, which will descend upon the city from May 2nd to June 7th and will feature a dynamic combination of music, sport, culture and nightlife events. EuroPride was inaugurated in London in 1992 with a crowd of more than 100,000 and since then has been hosted by cities such as  Paris, Manchester, Oslo, Copenhagen. The motivation of every EuroPride is to focus attention on GLBT campaigns and culture on a European level, whilst also giving  support to the gay communities in each host city.

It’s appropriate that Zürich is the first ever Swiss host of this prestigious event.  Diverse and friendly, Zürich has always welcomed  gay visitors and there has always been a gay presence in the heart of the old town.  Looking back to the second half of the 19th Century, Zürich has the first recorded public activities of any GLBT group in the world. The legendary bar called Barfusser, which has been running since 1956, claims to be Europe’s oldest continuously operated gay bar, whilst the gay magazine Der Kreis, which was founded here in 1943, made an important contribution to gay liberation and culture in both Europe and around the world.

One of the most anticipated events will be the EuroPride Parade on June 6th, passing through the inner city of Zürich, starting at 2.00pm. Another prominent annual event in Zürich’s gay calendar is the Pink Apple, Switzerland’s biggest gay and lesbian film festival, which, in 2009, will be integrated into the EuroPride programme. Each year the festival shows approximately 70 screenings ranging from popular mainstream films to small independent productions.

The annual Warmer Mai is also a huge cultural landmark in Swiss gay culture and it too will play a large part in the EuroPride celebrations. The first three weeks of the programme will have a Swiss focus, with the last ten days taking in a pan-European theme  on theatre, art and dance events.  The Warmer Mai is itself Zürich’s biggest gay and lesbian event of the year and it includes a huge range of events, ranging from gay volleyball, tango nights, lesbian ping-pong, dance workshops, cabaret, white parties – there is always something for everyone!

Sport will also play an integral part in the EuroPride 2009 programme and there will also be a number of workshops, conferences, public readings and seminars throughout the month, plus a number of public art exhibitions revolving around gay themes.

• For more detailed information on all the events, the programme and on Zürich itself, visit the website : www.europride09.eu, which is available in different languages.

• For more information on Zürich, visit www.zuerich.com or call 0041 215 40 04
Check out other resorts in Switzerland on www.myswitzerland.com/gaylesbian or call international free-phone number 00800 100 200 30.

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