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Pioneering comedian and entertainer, Joan Rivers, dies aged 81

Joan-Rivers-RIPThe showbusiness legend that was Joan Rivers, has sadly passed away. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, said in a statement: “It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers. She passed peacefully at 1.17pm (Thursday) surrounded by family and close friends.”

Famed for her put downs of celebrities as well as herself. She will be sorely missed. Here are just a few of her best lines:

"I spit on education. No man will ever put his hand up your dress looking for a library card."

"I bought a pedigree dog for $300. My friend said, "Give me $300. and I'll shit on your carpet."

"Joan Collins lies about her age so much we should have her body carbon-dated."

"Gay marriage - I am so against it because all my gay friends are out. And if they get married, it will cost me a fortune in gifts."

"When I saw her sex tape, all I could think of were Paris Hilton's poor parents. The shame, the shame of the Hilton family. To have your daughter do a porno film... in a Marriott hotel."

"I blame myself for David Gest. It was me who told Liza Minnelli to find herself a man who wouldn't sleep with other women."

"Rihanna confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown. Idiot! Now it's MY turn to slap her."

"Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68 pound 8 ounces bouncing baby boy."

Born Joan Molinsky in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian immigrant parents, Meyer and Beatrice (nee Grushman) in 1933, Rivers' career spanned over five decades. She started on the New York comedy scene alongside names such as Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby and Woody Allen. Her big break came in 1965 with an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, where she quickly became a massive audience favourite. After that there was no looking back. Rivers was a workoholic when it came to making people laugh, saying it was her 'drug of choice' and didn't need anything else because of the joy she got from it.


Please feel free to add your favourite Joan Rivers jokes as comments.

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