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Rise in gay divorce

gaymarriageThe Office for National Statistics has issued its annual report on Civil Partnerships in the UK, covering the 2010 period – presenting details of the number of partnerships formed and dissolved across the country. Amongst the findings, it reports that there were 6,385 partnerships formed in the UK in 2010, a 1.7% increase on the 2009 figures.

For the first time since partnerships became law in 2005, the number of women forming partnerships slightly outnumbered men (51% against 49%).
It also found that there had been a big increase in the number of civil partnerships being dissolved, although the authors of the report concluded that this was partly due to the fact that an increasing number of civil partnerships were being formed. It reported that 509 civil partnerships were dissolved in 2010, compared with 353 in 2009 and 180 in 2008. Female couples accounted for 60% of the dissolutions in 2010, with male couples making up the remainding 40%. The average age of men forming a civil partnership in the UK in 2010 was 40.6 years, while for women the average age was 38.4 years. The local authorities with the largest numbers of civil partnership registrations in 2010 were Brighton and Hove (129 male and 97 female partnerships), and the London borough of Westminster (154 male and 68 female partnerships).
For more details, go to www.statistics.gov.uk


Posted: 7 July 2011

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