More ground breaking TV from Russell T Davies

Russell T DaviesIf you loved Queer As Folk then Russell T Davies is about to treat us all to some more gripping television with two shows currently in production. Though the writer said that as much as he loved QAF there's no way of reviving it, but his new shows are both being filmed in the same location - Manchester.

The first series is called Cucumber and focuses on a gay couple that seem settled and in their forties. Disaster strikes when, as the Guardian summed it up, a "date night involving a death, a threesome, two police cars and the Glee Christmas album" occurs and their lives are never quite the same.

The second series is called Banana and is aimed at a younger audience - to be broadcast on E4. There is also a spin off called Tofu that will be online and relate to the theme or incident within the episode just aired. The aim is to create a safe sex guide.

When quizzed about the titles of these shows, Davies revealed that they come from a study about the male erection. The institute that published it had four categories from soft to hard: Tofu, peeled banana, banana and finally cucumber. "Right there and then I knew I had my drama" Davies said.

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